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Ambassadors are an important link between the Davis Phinney Foundation and local communities. The Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador program was founded in 2015 to support the change-makers and community leaders who help people with Parkinson’s live well today. Our Ambassadors are a collective of people with Parkinson’s, care partners, and volunteers from diverse backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences.

Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassadors have become such valuable members of their communities that we always welcome inquiries from those interested in learning more.

Are you a person with Parkinson’s who believes that part of living well means offering guidance to others on a similar path?

Are you a care partner to someone with Parkinson’s who believes your experience could serve others in a meaningful way?

If so, then becoming a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador may be a great fit for you.

This is not a one-type-fits-all team. Each Ambassador brings a unique point of view and communication style to the team. Just as Parkinson’s expresses itself differently for every person, our Ambassador team can create connections for anyone living with Parkinson’s. No matter how different an Ambassador’s contributions are, at the heart of everything they do is a desire to help others live well with Parkinson’s.

Our Ambassadors are passionate volunteers changing how people live with Parkinson’s by:

  • Hosting workshops
  • Creating and facilitating support groups
  • Meeting the newly diagnosed for coffee or just chatting on the phone
  • Providing health & wellness resources to people with Parkinson’s and care partners
  • Connecting with Parkinson’s specialists in their communities
  • Organizing fundraisers
  • Advocating for Parkinson’s care at local, regional, or national levels
  • Teaching an exercise, art, or personal development class
  • Sharing stories through personal channels or writing for the Foundation's blog
  • Organizing walks and rides for Parkinson’s
  • Sharing holistic approaches to living well with Parkinson’s
  • Connecting with their local universities to host events
  • Being powerful examples of living well

Being a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador may be the right fit for you if you…

  • Believe you're an example of living well
  • Have been to Davis Phinney Foundation events, are familiar with the tools and resources we provide our community, and understand and believe in the mission of helping people live well with Parkinson’s today
  • Have leadership experience in local or national organizations or in your Parkinson’s community and get excited by the idea of initiating and cultivating relationships with many more individuals, families, groups, and organizations
  • Have an average of at least 6-8 hours each month (or the equivalent throughout the year) to serve as a Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador on a volunteer basis
  • Are able to participate in monthly Ambassador calls, monthly check-ins with your Ambassador coach, and two individual meetings with the Davis Phinney Foundation Community Outreach Manager
  • Can commit to an Ambassador term for a minimum of one year

If you think you’d make a great Ambassador and you love the idea of taking a leadership role in your Parkinson’s community, let us know.

Not ready to become an Ambassador, but you’d love to connect with one in your local/regional area? You can do that here.

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