Tips for When You’re Awake in the Night


Help! I’m Having a Terrible Sleep

It’s the middle of the night and you are wide awake…again. Panic begins to set in as you think about what you need to do tomorrow and how exhausted you’ll be. Before you spend the next hours anxiously awake, we have some helpful advice so you can drift back into dreamland.

Here are some tips to help you fall back asleep:

  • First, don’t just try to “push through it.”
  • Although it can be tempting to get onto the computer, avoid interacting with anything that has a screen. The light coming from these screens could confuse your nervous system and interfere with your sleep cycle.
  • Stop watching the clock. If you do sense that you have been awake for more than 30 minutes though, get up and engage another activity until you feel sleepy again.
  • Take the opportunity to do a couple of things around the house. Choose tasks you can do without a lot of physical or mental activity such as paperwork or household chores. For example: Sort your mail (but don’t pay any bills!), update your address book if you have it on paper (avoid getting on the computer), make a grocery list, fold clothes, sort recycling, and/or make a “to-do” list.
  • Practice some easy techniques for calming your mind to make it easier to fall back asleep. Meditation, breathing exercises and progressive relaxation activities have been shown to be effective ways to improve ability to fall back asleep. Check out the links below to learn more about sleep techniques:

“A 10 Step Mindfulness Practice for Better Sleep” (Huffington Post)

“Better Sleep Through Meditation: 4 Techniques to Try Tonight” (

Share your tips in the comment section below.

We are interested in your feedback. By sharing your tips of how you get back to sleep a night, you can help others live well and sleep better.

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