[Podcast Recording] What You Need to Know about Formularies

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A formulary is a list of prescription drugs that an insurance company will cover. Insurance companies and other prescription drug providers use formularies, which are continually updated, to determine what medications they will help you pay for and which are your responsibility. Because formularies change yearly (and sometimes more often than that), understanding how they impact you and your costs for Parkinson’s medications can be tricky. To help us dig into this important topic, we recently sat down with Derek Arnold, vice president for market access and trade at Amneal Pharmaceuticals. Listen to the interview below.

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We recently sat down with Davis Phinney Foundation Ambassador Amy Carlson to discuss the issue. In the video included in this post, Amy shares her story about navigating the exceptions process when her formulary stopped covering one of her prescribed medications. 

One of the most common worries we hear from people living with Parkinson’s is concern about how they’ll be able to pay for their medication over the long term. Since Parkinson’s often causes a wide variety of symptoms that require treatment, it can be a challenge to find a way to afford everything you need. To help, we’ve compiled a set of resources for you to reference depending on the medications you take. Click here to explore the resources 

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