Parkinson’s Care Partner Resources

As a care partner, you are an essential, active member of the care team supporting the person in your life living with Parkinson’sWhile many care partners are spouses, care partners can also be children, siblings, parents, and friends. Throughout the years your role as a care partner will evolve, but in each stage, it’s important to equip yourself with tools, advice, strategies, and support to ensure that you and your loved one are living well.  

Being a care partner is a challenge in many ways and stepping into the role can cause stress, compassion fatigue, caregiver burnout, and more. For strategies to preserve your mental health as you support your person with Parkinson’s, be sure to watch our recent webinar, Mental Wellness for Parkinson’s Care Partners. 

Want to learn more? Here, we’ve included our top recommendations and resources for care partners. While some of these would be helpful to a person with Parkinson’s as well, this list was designed with you, the care partner, in mind.   

The Parkinson’s Care Partner’s Digital Toolbox 

The Happy Heart: Cultivating Optimism, Happiness, and Ease 

How to Stay Healthy and Avoid Burnout as a Parkinson’s Care Partner 

Parkinson’s Care Partners: 9 Ways to Get the Care You Need 

Advice for Parkinson’s Care Partners  

Perspectives from Adult Children Who Have a Parent Living with Parkinson’s 

Care Planning for A Parent Living with Parkinson’s 

How to Be the Parkinson’s Care Partner Your Partner Needs 

The Parkinson’s Care Partner Rulebook 


Be sure to watch our recent webinar, Mental Wellness for Parkinson’s Care Partners. In this event, social worker Elaine Book discussed common challenges of being a Parkinson’s care partner, signs you might be on the verge of burnout (and how to avoid it), ways to reduce care partner stress, and a roadmap for daily mental health care.

Get the every victory counts manual for care partners

Do you have the Every Victory Counts Manual for Care Partners! Released in 2021, this resource is available at no cost in print and digital versions. To learn more and request your copy, click here.

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