Kristin Vannorsdel Rides for Her Mom

Kristin Vannorsdel Davis Phinney Foundation

Why did you decide to join the Victory Crew®?

My family and I joined the Victory Crew to fundraise for the Davis Phinney Foundation because my mom has Parkinson’s disease. She was diagnosed almost 15 years ago, and we started riding Copper Triangle in 2009. My brother, dad, husband and I have ridden it every year since then. We’ve been blessed to have different friends and family join us throughout the years either to ride or lend moral support.

What has been your best memory from being part of the Victory Crew?

My favorite memories include crossing the finish line with friends and family beside me and being one of the top five fundraisers for the past couple of years.

What are the biggest challenges of fundraising?

The main challenge I always face is asking for money. It never feels easy to do; however, I’m motivated to do it because it’s for such a great cause.  

What are the most effective actions you’ve taken or choices you’ve made that have helped you reach your fundraising goals?

Because my mom isn’t able to ride anymore, she sends snail mail to family and friends and shares her story about why she wants to raise money for the Victory Crew and the Davis Phinney Foundation. In a world where so much communication is done via email and text, the personal touch of a handwritten letter goes a really long way.

What would you say to someone interested in joining the Victory Crew?

Just do it! 🙂

Want tools and templates to help ensure your fundraising success?

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