Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s In the Ring

woman boxing

For a fighting chance against disease, people will sometimes go to unlikely places — even, it turns out, to the boxing ring. Our Cover Story is reported by Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes:

Aaron Latham sparred with his boxing coach, Roberta Marongiu.

“Gimme all you got, come on!” she said.

He — and everyone else in the class — has Parkinson’s. It’s a progressive neurological disorder that affects nearly a million Americans. 

“I think of Parkinson’s as being the incredible shrinking disease,” said Latham (who is also Stahl’s husband). “It doesn’t shrink itself. Parkinson’s doesn’t shrink. Parkinson’s shrinks you.”

Latham and his fellow Parkinsonians, aged 45 to 92, are part of a new program that aims to stop the shrinking, if not reverse it. Watch video and read the rest of the story here.

Learn more about Exercise and Parkinson’s.

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