What’s a simple, daily oral hygiene plan for people with Parkinson’s?

Kathleen Donohue - Ask the Parkinson's Expert

Kathleen Donohue is a speech-language pathologist who works for Boulder Community Health’s Home Care Department. She’s been a speech therapist for 30 years and has been working with people with Parkinson’s for the past ten.

In this video, Kathleen walks you through what to do on a daily basis to keep your mouth (and you) healthy.

Oral Hygiene Plan

I. Positioning

  • Sit or stand in front of a mirror
  • Give yourself a sturdy base of support

II. Three times a day

  • Rinse your mouth out by doing a swish and spit (get most of the food particles out of your teeth before you brush
  • Brush with an electric toothbrush (it does the work for you)
    • Brush one tooth at a time
    • Set a timer for each quadrant

III. Once a day

  • Floss between your teeth
    • Choose a method and tool that works for you
    • Get help to figure out the best method for you
  • Use a soft toothbrush to brush mouth tissues
    • Brush your tongue, roof of your mouth, gums, cheeks, etc.
    • Disrupting the tissues in your mouth will help you maintain healthy flora
  • Rinse with alcohol-free mouthwash
    • Biotene for Dry Mouth

IV. Three to four times a year

  • Visit your dentist for regular cleanings
  • The healthier your mouth is, the healthier you are

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