[Webinar Recording] Health Disparities and Parkinson’s: Understanding the Issue

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In our first webinar addressing health disparities and Parkinson’s, we sought to identify what health disparities look like in the Parkinson’s community. Our expert panelists—Nabila Dahodwala, MD, Jonathon Jackson, PhD,  Claudia Martinez, MD, Nicte Mejia, MD, and Altaf Saadi, MD— discussed:

  • The definition of health disparities
  • The personal and professional experiences that led them to do this work
  • Their experience observing and then implementing efforts that have shown promise to change this issue
  • Their call to action for all of us – where they see the most urgent needs and when, where, and how we can help bring about change

You can watch the recording below.

If you’d like to read instead, here’s the transcript.

If you’d like to listen to the audio, that’s here.

Health Disparities Resources

There were several resources discussed during the session. Those and others related to the topic are listed here.

Hispanic Outreach Leadership Conference 2021

Barrow Offers Outreach Program for Hispanics With Parkinson’s

Racial Differences in the Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease

Associations and implications of low health literacy in Parkinson’s Disease

Knowledge and attitudes about Parkinson’s disease among a diverse group of older adults

Treatment disparities in Parkinson’s disease

Innovative Recruitment Strategies to Increase Diversity of Participation in Parkinson’s Disease Research: The Fox Insight Cohort Experience

Racial disparities in neurologic health care access and utilization in the United States

Challenges and opportunities caring for neurology outpatients across language differences

CARE Research Center – Cancer Center Equity Program – Massachusetts General Hospital

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