Parkinson’s Resources for Native Spanish Speakers

Voces Unidas Choir Voces Unidas Choir with Davis Phinney

Photo: Voces Unidas Choir with Davis Phinney during the Davis Phinney Foundation The Victory Summit in Tucson, Arizona, in December 2019.

Ever since we hosted The Victory Summit® event with simultaneous Spanish translation last December in Tucson, we’ve had people in our community ask us about Parkinson’s resources that are available for native Spanish speakers.

Here are a few to get started:

APDA – En Español
Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center Spanish Services Program – Programa de Servicios en Español
Parkinson’s Foundation – Español
Frequently Asked Questions – Preguntas frecuentes de Parkinson
Hispanic Outreach Leadership Conference 2021


10 Early Warnings of Parkinson’s – 10 signos de Alerta Temprana de Parkinson
Bladder Symptoms and Parkinson’s Disease – Sintomas Urinarios en la Enfermedad de Parkinson
Constipation – Constipación y enfermedad de Parkinson
Cognitive Changes – Cambios cognitivos en la enfermedad de Parkinson
Depression – La depresión y la enfermedad de Parkinson
Diagnosis and Treatment of Parkinson’s – Diagnóstico y Tratamiento
Emergency Assistance Card – Tarjeta de emergencia
Fatigue – La Fatiga en la enfermedad de Parkinson
Hospital Action Plan – 
Plan de Acción para el Hospital
Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease – Como vivir con la enfermedad de Parkinson
Medications Approved in the US – Lista de Medicamentos Aprobados en Estados Unidos
Medications to Avoid – Medicamentos que se deben evitar o usar con precaución en la Enfermedad de Parkinson
Parkinson’s Disease 101 – Michale J. Fox Foundation – 
Enfermedad de Parkinson 101
Parkinson’s Disease – APDA – Enfermedad de Parkinson


We just found this great cookbook written in English and Spanish. It’s called Bueno y Barato: Alimentate Bien A 4$ Al Dia. You can download the pdf for free here.

If there are more we should include in this list, please share it in the comment section.

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