Nenad Bach, Ping Pong, and Parkinson’s

PingPongParkinson - Davis Phinney Foundation

We recently sat down with Nenad Bach, a Croatian-American musician, rock star, and Founder of PingPongParkinson®, to talk about what it was like to lose his capacity to play music, how he got it back, the role ping pong plays in his life, and why people with Parkinson’s should find a crew and play as much as possible.

You can watch the full interview now. We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy the beginning song as much as we did!

If you’re intrigued and want to find out what a ping pong class for people with Parkinson’s looks like, this is a fun one, too.

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Live in NY or NJ and want to join a ping pong class? You can find out more here.

2022 US National Table Tennis Championships – Fort Worth, TX – July 2-7, 2022

More videos about ping pong and Parkinson’s

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