Medications to Avoid or Use with Caution when Living with Parkinson’s

Medications to Avoid with Parkinson's - Davis Phinney Foundation

We often hear stories from people in our community who end up in the hospital for something unrelated to their Parkinson’s. Often, the doctors and nurses treating them are focused on the presenting issue and everything else is put on the back burner. This makes sense when it’s a life or death situation, but when it’s not, ignoring that someone has Parkinson’s and not taking the time to talk to them, their care partner, or a doctor with experience in neurological disorders about their medications can cause serious problems.

To help educate our community and those you may come in contact with who are unfamiliar with you and Parkinson’s, we created this guide on medications to avoid or use with caution. This list also lives on our website and in our Every Victory Counts® manual, but we wanted to share a document you can print and keep in your purse, car, etc., in case you ever need to hand it to someone in charge of your care. While this was vetted and edited by our medication expert Dr. Aaron Haug, no list like this can be exhaustive. Still, it’s a guide we hope will educate you and those on your care team so that you can stay as healthy and symptom-free as possible.

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