Davis Phinney Foundation Receives $160,000 Gift



Boulder, CO. August 31, 2017 – The Davis Phinney Foundation announced today that it received a gift in the amount of $160,000 from the Eva Barnes Trust. The gift will augment the Davis Phinney Foundation’s funding of the most promising research aimed at therapeutics and lifestyle choices that promote living well with Parkinson’s today.

“We are excited to be the recipient of this generous gift. Our research funding, specifically innovative studies that focus on exercise, speech, movement and other factors that affect quality of life will be bolstered by this investment.” said Polly Dawkins, executive director of the Davis Phinney Foundation.  “This gift will enable us to expand our work and reach many more people living with Parkinson’s with tools, resources and inspiration to live well.”

Paul Sugameli, Trustee of the Trust said, “Eva Barnes was a passionate advocate for the advancement of Parkinson’s Disease research and the improved quality of life of anyone who has suffered from the disease. It is clear that the Davis Phinney Foundation shares this goal and it is my hope and expectation that the Davis Phinney Foundation will utilize this gift for the benefit of the greater Parkinson’s community.”

“Having competed successfully in the Olympics, Tour de France and countless other grueling professional cycling events, I know firsthand that attitude, focus and engagement can lead to victory in difficult, demanding circumstances,” said Davis Phinney, founder of the Davis Phinney Foundation and the winningest cyclist in US history. “For people like me who face the challenges of Parkinson’s each day, it’s critical we apply this same approach to our journey with Parkinson’s. With this gift from the Henry and Eva Barnes estate, the Davis Phinney Foundation will be able to expand our initiatives and equip and empower people living with Parkinson’s to take control and motivate them to find and savor their moments of victory.”

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Davis Phinney Foundation, contact Julie Buderus at (720) 257-0740.

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