The Benefits of Duopa™ for People with Parkinson’s

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Carbidopa-levodopa is known as the gold standard medication used to treat Parkinson’s. However, as Parkinson’s progresses, the effectiveness of the medication at the same dose decreases, and many people begin looking for alternatives. One such option is called Duopa™, which is delivered through a pump directly into your intestines to improve absorption and has been shown to decrease OFF time.

We recently sat down with Sharon Jung, a nurse practitioner at Puget Sound Neurology in Tacoma, WA, to discuss Duopa™. In this video, we address common questions from the Parkinson’s community, including how effective Duopa™ is, who is a good candidate for it and how it interacts with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS).

One quick update since we filmed the video: At one point Sharon said that most MRI scans cannot be done after DBS. In some situations, patients can have MRI scans after DBS. In others, they cannot. However, with the new technology, there is more MRI compatibility. For example, Boston Scientific just received FDA approval for Full-Body MRI access* for the Vercise Gevia™ DBS System. You can find out more about it here.

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