Take One Action: March 2023

Medical Myths and Parkinson's - Davis Phinney Foundation

When you get diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the barrage of information you may receive can be overwhelming. And if your doctor doesn’t provide it to you, then you may find yourself Googling for hours to find out something, anything, about how to handle hearing those three life-changing words, “You have Parkinson’s.”

While we know that early education about Parkinson’s has been shown to improve outcomes, drowning in it can have the opposite effect. It can make people feel more anxious, uncertain, and out of control. That’s why we wanted to start this new column. It’s all about practicing discernment and taking one action each month to live well, whether you were diagnosed last week or have been living with it for years.

Here’s your ONE ACTION for this month: learn how to spot medical myths a mile away.

Spend just one hour learning how to assess resources, spot the difference between experts and imposters, and get research-based information that will give you the best outcomes possible.

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