Do you have Parkinson’s and live alone?

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Do you have Parkinson’s and live alone?

If so, while it may feel like you’re the odd one out, you’re not. Approximately 36 million adults in the US live alone. And many of them, like you, are living with a chronic illness.

There’s nothing wrong with living alone; however, based on the number of emails we receive from people who have Parkinson’s and live alone, AND feel like their needs are being overlooked, you may be thinking, “Finally, someone is talking to me!

We know people living alone with Parkinson’s have unique challenges that are often not discussed. We want to change that; so, if that’s you, will you please take a moment to complete this short survey?

We have several ideas in the works to better address some of the issues unique to your situation; so, we’re excited to read your responses.

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