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Parkinson’s often leads to decreased dental health. Check out these devices and products that can help improve the health of your teeth.

Collis Curve electric toothbrush1. Collis Curve Electric Toothbrush – $15.99
The curved design of the bristles allows you to clean all 3 sides of your teeth at the same time while eliminating the pain of poking the bristles into your gums.

Biotene rinse



2. Bioténe® Dry Mouth Oral Rinse moisturizing mouthwash – $5.59
This alcohol-free dry mouth oral rinse gently cleans and soothes minor irritation caused by dry mouth. Bioténe® Moisturizing Mouth Spray is also available for on-the-go moisture.




3. Toothmaster – $19.99
This toothbrush gripper has a soft, pliable handle that is easy to hold and allows a toothbrush to be inserted for easier brushing.


shelf liner

4. Shelf-liner self made grip – $4.97
Feeling crafty? Buy or reuse shelf-liner by cutting a 6×9 inch square of the material. Wrap it around your existing toothbrush’s handle then secure it to the handle with two rubber bands. The material of the self liner can help you keep a better grip.

Toothette Plus


5. Toothette® Plus Oral Swabs – $6.62
Gently clean and remove debris from your teeth with this oral swab tool. Place toothpaste or mouthwash on the absorbent end and wipe over all teeth.


6. Make your own oral swab – $6.79gauze pads
Feeling crafty? Buy or use existing 4×4 inch gauze pads to make your own oral swab. Wrap a gauze pad around your finger and dip it in your mouthwash. Wipe across the surface of your teeth.


Crest rinse


7. Crest Pro-Health Mutiprotection Rinse alcohol-free mouthwash – $4.97
This alcohol-free mouthwash is less likely to aggravate dry mouth than alcohol-based mouthwash. Rinse daily to reduce plaque buildup and protect your teeth between brushings.


DenTek dental guard8. DenTek Maximum Protection Dental Guard – $19.99
This guard can be customized to fit your mouth and provides maximum protection throughout your sleep. It helps prevent bruxism or night time teeth grinding.


Brita Grand Pitcher


9. Brita Grand Pitcher – $32.99
Stay hydrated. This pitcher holds up to 10 glasses of water and can be used as a reminder to fulfill your recommended daily water intake. Fill it up then drink up until it is empty – every day.


10. Philips Sonicare PowerUp Toothbrush – $34.00

This battery powered electric toothbrush helps improve gum health and reduce cavities. The vibrating brush head allows you to use less muscle power in the brushing motion. Plus, you receive an alert when the two-minute brushing time is complete.



Clinpro 500011. Prescription-strength Clinpro 5000 toothpaste – $30, prescription needed
Delivering more than four times the fluoride of regular toothpaste, this toothpaste prevents tooth decay and remineralizes tooth enamel to protect from future cavities. Ask your dentist about this prescription toothpaste.


12. Vick’s Warm Mist Humidifier – $60
Humidifier ImageHumidifiers disperse steam vapor to gradually add moisturize to the air. Adding moisture into the air you breathe can help alleviate dry mouth, especially at night. This specific model allows for medicated vapors to be added. It also features a nightlight, multiple settings and automatic shutoff.

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No doubt, It’s a Good post but I did not understand that, What is the relation between Humidifier vs Dental Product.

Even though humidifiers don’t specifically improve dental hygiene, they help alleviate common Parkinson’s issues of dry mouth. Thanks for commenting, Dr. Syed!

Thank you so much for these great ideas! I am newly diagnosed and my teeth have been going through lots of problems. I will start to put some of these into practice immediately and share them with my dentist at my next appointment … very soon!

Thanks for sharing, Barb! We hope you’re able to work with your dentist to find the best way to care for your teeth.

Thank you so much for all the info. Didn’t realize how important dental care is, especially for “Parkies”!

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