National Day of Action to End Parkinson’s

National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act - Davis Phinney Foundation

Today is the day!

Please support The National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act by:

  1. Calling Capitol Hill to ask representatives and senators to cosponsor The National Plan
  1. Writing your members of Congress
  1. Posting about The National Plan on social media
  2. Learn more about developments in Parkinson’s research to share with your community and congresspeople. 

This act has the potential to accelerate a cure and care for those affected by Parkinson’s, and it will only get passed with support and action from everyone in the Parkinson’s community.

No one understands Parkinson’s as well as you do, and your story will go a long way in helping Congress prioritize preventing and curing Parkinson’s and ensuring that everyone living with Parkinson’s gets the care they need to live well.


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