Amy Montemarano

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Amy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s about five years ago at the age of 48. Through the strong medical and support networks for people with Parkinson’s in the Philadelphia area, Amy learned how to rely on exercise, stress management, and other wellness tools to help her live well with her diagnosis.

To her, living well with Parkinson’s means not giving up your enjoyment of life and fully engaging with the world in a way that uses your own special purpose and energy to its highest potential. Finding purpose and meaning in her own life post-diagnosis led Amy to help people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers navigate employment, as well as find volunteer work or creative projects to discover their own personal adventures.

Amy finds enjoyment in writing, traveling, lifelong learning, and listening to live music. Since her diagnosis, Amy has traveled to New Zealand, Europe, and Canada, as well as other states within the U.S. On a perfect Sunday morning, you can find Amy going on a hike with her dog Dylan, meeting her husband in a café, and ending the day spending time with her two teenage daughters.

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