Patti Burnett

Dillon, Colorado

Patti was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013 after experiencing tremors, decreased arm sway, and acting out her dreams. After her diagnosis, Patti set out to learn as much as she could about Parkinson’s and participated in numerous clinical trials. Patti says that’s there seems to be a reason for Parkinson’s in her life. It has given her more time to help other people. “I may never kick Parkinson’s,” Patti says, “but I know that I can live a better life as a better person because of Parkinson’s.” Patti is up for the adventure and hopes to inspire others by leading by example as well as testimony.

Patti lives well by having a very active lifestyle. In addition to intense exercise, Patti is learning Spanish, playing the piano and journaling. Patty believes that by stretching herself to do things that are difficult for her, she can build the confidence and motivation to keep learning and developing.

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