Carol Clupny

Hermiston, Oregon

Earthquakes tremored the inside of her legs. Anxiety pushed her to pace at her office at work. The corner of her right eye tremored followed by the right corner of her mouth and then her finger. Carol scheduled an appointment with her family physician who felt stress was causing these symptoms but the medication he prescribed did little to help. She returned to see him after she couldn’t effectively paddle her kayak. Carol was later referred to and diagnosed by a movement disorder specialist in 2008.

Carol continues to kayak but has since picked up tai chi, walking long distance, and her now-favorite activity: cycling. She and her husband purchased a tandem bicycle and participate in the annual RAGBRAI cycling event. Carol also walked over 1,000 miles in France and Spain on the famous pilgrimage trails to Santiago de Compostela to gather funds for the Oregon Health Sciences Parkinson’s Center for Excellence.

As an Ambassador, Carol is excited to share her living well philosophy and resources with those living in rural areas.

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