Parkinson’s 101

Parkinson’s is a complex neurological disorder that can affect almost every part of the body, ranging from how you move to how you feel to how you think and process. Since Parkinson’s affects everyone differently, the specific ways you choose to live well will be unique and change over time. However, a positive attitude, staying engaged in your own health, consistently exercising, and making a commitment to act are steps everyone living with Parkinson’s can take to live well right now. 

Through this collection of resources, we’ll help you learn more about Parkinson’s and gain a better understanding of how your choices can help you manage symptoms and live well today and for years to come. 

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Parkinson’s 101 For the Newly Diagnosed

In this webinar, Dr. Cherian Karunapuzha, a movement disorder specialist at the Meinders Center for Movement in Oklahoma City, shares his advice about what to expect after you’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, what to do, and how to live well. One of our community members told us this is the best description of Parkinson’s she’s ever heard. We hope you’ll find it useful on your path as well.  

What is Parkinson’s?

This Parkinson’s overview offers in-depth information about common motor and non-motor symptoms, treatments and medications, complementary therapies, and much more.

Charting Your Course: A Parkinson’s Primer for the Newly Diagnosed

Hearing the words, “You have Parkinson’s,” is life changing. For some, a Parkinson’s diagnosis marks the end of a long and frustrating search to explain a collection of seemingly disconnected symptoms. For others, a Parkinson’s diagnosis is a complete shock, filled with feelings of disbelief and despair. For everyone, a Parkinson’s diagnosis brings a new and unexpected journey. The good news is that there are numerous ways you can take action to live well with Parkinson’s TODAY. Just a decade ago, researchers and doctors didn’t stress the impact exercise, stress management, nutritional choices, and other positive life choices have on Parkinson’s. Now, we know your experience will be impacted positively by your choices and actions. Charting Your Course: A Parkinson’s Primer for the Newly Diagnosed, will show you how—in a way that won’t overwhelm you with information. 

Parkinson’s Worksheets, Checklists, and Assessments

We created these resources because managing Parkinson’s takes a lot of work and attention to detail. Having tools to help you keep track of everything, assess how you are feeling and how your Parkinson’s is progressing, and staying on top of communication with your medical and care teams can make a big difference when it comes to living well with Parkinson’s. If you’ve been looking for a way to get more organized and prepare for upcoming discussions and appointments, check out these printable resources that can help.

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Every Victory Counts® Manual

First published in 2010, our Every Victory Counts manual broke new ground as the only resource of its kind, devoted solely to the principle of proactive self-care and a holistic approach to managing Parkinson’s. In subsequent editions, it has gained international recognition as a superb and comprehensive resource for changing the way people live with Parkinson’s. As the gold-standard Parkinson’s resource, the manual includes in-depth information about Parkinson’s plus dozens of topics that are frequently overlooked but critical to helping you live well; insights from more than 50 Parkinson’s physicians, therapists, researchers, and people living with Parkinson’s; advice about exercise, nutrition, emotional health, medication, therapies; and much more. 

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