Tom Palizzi

Arvada, Colorado

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2008 at age 48. When I heard the words, “you have Parkinson’s”, my first thought went to how much longer I have to live. But then I remembered people that have had Parkinson’s for years. I quickly realized I knew very little about Parkinson’s but enough to know that my life would be changing.

I have been actively engaged in the global Parkinson’s community, serving on the board of directors for a national Parkinson’s foundation and patient advisory council while remaining actively involved with public policy and disease legislation. Locally and now globally, I lead Pedaling for Parkinson’s indoor cycling class three days a week and speak to support groups whenever I can. Being active and engaged is key. With Parkinson’s, you can’t simply rely on the medication. Exercise, a positive attitude, and community activity all contribute to helping you live well. As an ambassador, I strive to help others understand how they can live well.

Read Tom’s Moments of Victory® submission here.

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[Podcast] July YOPD Council: Q&A
[Podcast] July YOPD Council: Q&A

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