Larry Linton

Maple, Ontario

Like many others, the beginning of Larry’s journey with Parkinson’s in 2012, was messy and difficult. Aside from a constant tremor in his right hand and a dragging right leg, Larry identified as a recluse, prone to panic attacks and living life from the couch. The first two years following the diagnosis threw him into a downward spiral, feeling withdrawn from his family and finding it easier to deny what he had. However, after an exhausting initial phase of denial and going through the five stages of grief, Larry found acceptance with his diagnosis. With that acceptance Larry, literally, got off the couch and reclaimed his life which has, in many respects, become more rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful than at any time before his diagnosis. By sharing his story, Larry hopes to inspire others to live their most authentic and best lives with Parkinson’s, too.

To Larry, living well with Parkinson’s means accepting the tragic things that happen on the journey of life, while having the tenacity, resilience, and determination to be successful and happy in the face of that adversity. Adversity can often be a better teacher than success. After ten years, Larry is hoping to help others get to their point of acceptance far sooner than he did and start to live their best, most authentic lives possible.

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