Brian Reedy

Carson City, Nevada

I began experiencing symptoms of Parkinson’s when I was 48 but went through three arduous years until I was diagnosed. I retired from my career as a teacher but believe wholeheartedly that knowledge is power. I try to embody the living well message by being as active as possible in the things that are enjoyable. The more we move, the better. Living well also involves learning more and interacting with others. So much can be gained when we share our experiences.

After years of struggling with Parkinson’s, I was able to increase my quality of life through much of what the Davis Phinney Foundation advocates. I now feel strong enough to help others who were once a similar place as I was. As a Foundation Ambassador, I love making a positive difference in the lives of others and letting them know that, with more knowledge, they gain more control of their lives. Also, as a former teacher, I feel like I am once again able to help guide others to be their best selves and find things in themselves they did not know they had or could do. I get to help them find their own victories and build upon them. Then they, too, can help others.

Read how Brian finds inspiration while living with Parkinson’s here.

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