Bart Narter

San Jose, California

Bart noticed early symptoms, such as tremor in his hand and decreased arm swing. When he rode in a cycling race in September 2011, his left arm shook uncontrollably to the point he could no longer ride and had to quit the race. This began a two-month quest to find out what was going on. Bart visited a physical therapist to examine his gait, an orthopedic surgeon to see why his arm didn’t swing, and finally a neurologist who instantly diagnosed him with Parkinson’s on December 6, 2011.

For Bart, living well means being physically, mentally, and emotionally engaged with his friends inside and outside of the Parkinson’s community. In 2014, Bart rode his bike from Lisbon, Portugal, to Zurich, Switzerland. Bart has also participated in numerous research studies and routinely meets with the newly diagnosed and care partner communities in northern California.

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