Parkinson’s Surgical Therapies

As Parkinson’s symptoms progress, increasing medications to address them can bring significant side effects, such as dyskinesia. Surgical therapies can be explored after medications are optimized, and the side effects of adding more medications outweigh the benefits the medications provide. Current Parkinson’s surgical therapies include deep brain stimulation (DBS) and enteral suspension of carbidopa/levodopa. Focused ultrasound therapy (FUS) is a non-invasive image-guided therapy that’s an alternative to surgical interventions.   

In this collection, you’ll find the latest resources about surgical therapies for Parkinson’s. 

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The What, Why, When, and How of DBS for the Newly Diagnosed

Deep brain stimulation is a highly effective and reasonably safe treatment for Parkinson’s; however, it’s also frequently misunderstood by people who have been recently diagnosed. The success stories about how people are sometimes living symptom and medication free as a result of getting DBS understandably lead many who’ve been newly diagnosed to want to get the treatment as soon as possible. But not everyone is a good candidate for the treatment. In this article, we break down the what, why, how, and more of DBS so that you have the information you need to determine if your path may lead you to this treatment. 

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The Benefits of Enteral Suspension of Carbidopa/Levodopa for People with Parkinson’s 

Carbidopa/levodopa is known as the goldstandard medication used to treat Parkinson’s. However, as Parkinson’s progresses, the effectiveness of the medication at the same dose decreases, and many people begin looking for alternatives. One such option is enteral suspension of carbidopa/levodopa (branded under the name Duopa™ in the US), which is delivered through a pump directly into your intestines to improve absorption and has been shown to decrease OFF time. We sat down with Sharon Jung, a nurse practitioner at Puget Sound Neurology in Tacoma, WA, to discuss this surgical therapy.

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Deep Brain Stimulation Q&A

Although deep brain stimulation has the potential to increase your quality of life in a significant way, it’s not the right treatment for everyone. In this webinar, Dr. Helen Brontë-Stewart answers the questions we get most frequently about DBS.