Valerie Herrero

Odessa, Florida

Valerie was a care partner for her husband when he was diagnosed at age 52. They struggled to get a firm diagnosis from three different neurologists but finally developed a comprehensive wellness plan for her husband. Valerie believes that every day is a unique Parkinson’s adventure, and she understands the importance of being engaged in activities that you love. “In other words, challenge your mind, beliefs, and thoughts. Get up, move, and live. Parkinson’s takes a marriage partnership to a new level,” Valerie says.

Valerie is an active community member in the Tampa Bay area and hopes to share Parkinson’s resources with her community to empower them to become active decision makers in their self-care. Valerie is here to give back to her community. She wants others understand that, just because you or your loved one has Parkinson’s, it is within your power to have a rewarding life.

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