Sree Sripathy

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Sree was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) in 2015 but knew something was not working properly in her body years beforehand, when she noticed non-motor symptoms in her 20s and motor symptoms in her 30s. Sree has been documenting her journey in writing and photography, slowly working within these and other mediums to create a narrative that helps her understand the many ways life has changed post diagnosis.

Sree currently works full-time in tech, sits on the Board of Directors for a local arts nonprofit, is working on personal photography and writing projects, and squeezes in naps whenever possible due to the constant fatigue she battles with Parkinson’s. Sree became involved with the Davis Phinney Foundation not only to make a difference but also to increase representation in the South Asian community. Sree also co-founded the Women’s Parkinson’s Project, a website where she and her “two sisters with Parkinson’s”, as she likes to say, curate stories, bring awareness and representation, and raise the voices of women with Parkinson’s.

Sree is still figuring out what living well looks like and finds that each day, the answer can be different. At the time she was writing this bio, living well means eating the neighbor’s nectarines, watching the pomegranates in the backyard grow, arguing with family over why the internet is slow, and taking walks where no one watches, dancing awkwardly on the cracked cement sidewalk, enjoying the evening breeze and the smell of jasmine and magnolias. And of course, sourdough bread with butter. Always.

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