Robin Hanson

Westlake, Ohio

Robin’s husband was diagnosed when he was 70 years old. His symptoms were mild at first and inconvenient at their worst, but, over time, they became more substantial and had a greater impact. In spring 2017, Robin and her husband began a concerted effort to address the problems head-on and learn to live well with Parkinson’s. They have since engaged in various motor exercise programs like boxing, spinning, and even private ballroom dance lessons, which they took four days a week for months.

The Hansons exercise their cognitive muscles and enjoy playing games, watching and discussing TV shows, and participating in trivia nights. Robin and her husband also participate frequently in planned social activities, attending concerts, happy hours, and other cultural and educational events. All of these efforts have enabled them to connect with both the Parkinson’s and non-Parkinson’s communities which helped them retain the fun and togetherness that they value so highly.

As an Ambassador, Robin is excited about meeting others and learning how she can contribute her time and talent to helping the Davis Phinney Foundation community.

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