Patty Wargo

Center Valley, Pennsylvania

“I think you have Parkinson’s,” said the first neurologist Patty visited.

“How will I know I do or do not have Parkinson’s?” Patty asked.

“If the symptoms go away, you’ll know the Sinemet is working,” the neurologist said.

End of discussion. No research, informational pamphlets, local or national resources were offered. Patty left the office and headed home, where she immediately began researching alternatives to medication and familiarizing herself with the stages of Parkinson’s. That was 17 years ago. Since then, Patty has seen multiple neurologists and had the opportunity to undergo DBS surgery in October 2015.

When Patty was first diagnosed, she and her husband had difficulty finding a support group that met in the evening. At the time, she was still working as a high school trauma counselor, retiring in 2017. Through persistence, Patty and her husband were finally able to locate a monthly evening support group they could both attend. The connective thread of having Parkinson’s has begun a tapestry of relationships that continues to grow.

In Patty’s approach to life, living well with Parkinson’s can be achieved through exercise, connection, having a positive attitude, self-advocacy, education, mindfulness, and meditation, to name a few. What excites her most about being an Ambassador is the opportunity to share her own experiences with others who may be struggling to understand what’s happening to them physically and emotionally, while providing them with a safe place to be heard and understood.

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