Neal Weierbach

Pueblo, Colorado

My journey with Parkinson’s has been a relatively short one. Although seeing a neurologist for another issue, it wasn’t until I was referred to a movement disorder clinic in summer 2018 that I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Disappointed with the lack of activities and opportunities within my community, I began improving the offerings and events for my support group and its members. We now have yoga, boxing, art workshops, and monthly social activities for people to engage in. Since my diagnosis, I have also become a board member of an organization called “The Unsteady Hand,” which offers art workshops for people with Parkinson’s.

I don’t let Parkinson’s control my life. Rather, I challenge it. I continue to ride my bike and go to the gym, and I’ve even taken on a new activity, teaching myself to play the piano. While I still experience setbacks from time to time, I keep moving forward. Turning the obstacles created by Parkinson’s into an opportunity to help others is how I live well each day.

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