Max Brogi

Atlanta, Georgia

I was diagnosed some years ago, while still in the prime of my career and fatherhood. I had to navigate this illness while managing an employer and informing the kiddos without scaring them both away from who I am, irrespective of Parkinson’s.

Living well with Parkinson’s means being judged for who I am and for what I do, and not being defined by the illness itself. Living with Parkinson’s requires a fight for health, dignity, and social inclusion.

Being an Ambassador means being able to share my experience and help others with Parkinson’s. I especially like the Davis Phinney focus on living well with Parkinson’s, which, for lack of a cure, is the next best actionable thing to do. It also entails having both a personal, intimate understanding and the most up to date Davis Phinney documentation and recommendations about living well with Parkinson’s, which are complementary to better help others with a similar condition live a fuller life, now.

I love to be around friends and family: Sharing and building common experiences and memories is number one priority for me. It’s carpe diem.

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