Kimerly Coshow

Blue Ridge, Georgia

Kimerly was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in January of 2001 at the age of 33. Since her diagnosis almost 18 years ago, she has grown to know the importance of being an active member in her treatment and learned how to be her own advocate. To Kimerly, living well with Parkinson’s is a daily goal that involves the body, soul, and mind. In addition to having a healthy and active lifestyle, living well includes finding the right movement disorder specialist: one that listens well and works with her own goals, expectations, and medical needs.

As an Ambassador, Kimerly wants people living with Parkinson’s to know that they’re not alone on this journey. “Having an opportunity to be a DPF Ambassador is an honor,” Kimerly says. “Ambassador involvement provides a voice to the Parkinson’s community. It brings passionate People with Parkinson’s and those that care for them united together to share their personal challenges with Parkinson’s.” As a person with Young Onset Parkinson’s and advocate, Kimerly is dedicated to changing the face of Parkinson’s by engaging her peers and raising awareness across generations.

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