Karen Marsters

Bangor, Maine

Karen was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015, but, as many others, she had been experiencing symptoms prior to that date. When her primary care physician sent her to a neurosurgeon, she learned that she needed discectomies in three sections of her lower back. Not healing as well as her doctors would have liked, she was referred to a movement disorder specialist with the indication of Parkinson’s. She’s been with the specialist ever since.

Karen had been working two full-time jobs in 2019 until the stress of managing that workload started to interfere with her Parkinson’s symptoms. She ultimately resigned from those two positions to focus on her health and undergo deep brain stimulation in January 2020.

Karen is excited to be an Ambassador because it takes her volunteer role as president of Maine Parkinson’s Society to the next level, making that role more impactful and allowing her to engage with more people on a personal level.

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