Judy Freitag

Evanston, Illinois

When Judy was first diagnosed at age 50, her symptoms were vague and not too obvious. At that point, Judy’s priorities included her family, raising their 3 young boys, and, since she was the primary income provider, maintaining her job as an environmental engineer. Judy and her family made it their mission to learn as much as they could about Parkinson’s, especially on key topics like exercise, medication management, the value of relationships, and “remembering that although I have Parkinson’s, I am not Parkinson’s.”

Judy has recently retired from work and now has more time to focus on living well, which includes exercise, connecting with people with Parkinson’s, and others who understand the unique challenges the community faces. Judy and her husband are avid cyclists and have ridden in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Oregon. For Judy, living well means acknowledging the incentive to keep moving, seeking ways to stay positive. Trying to improve your life with Parkinson’s can be your own personal victory.

As an Ambassador, Judy is most excited about meeting like-minded individuals within the Parkinson’s community.

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