John Reinhart

Olathe, Kansas

John was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in April 2017. Shortly following his diagnosis, John started attending Rock Steady Boxing classes and began a two-year clinical drug trial at the University of Kansas Medical Center the following year. Three years later, John continues to seek out and engage in opportunities that allow him to have a positive influence on people with Parkinson’s and their families. The core members of his Rock Steady Boxing classes have become people John cares deeply about, serving as a support group without identifying themselves in that way. They laugh, they share information and experiences, and, from time to time, they share tears, as well. John wants to make his diagnosis meaningful. Owning a shirt that says, “I have Parkinson’s, Parkinson’s does not have me,” John is guided by this principle for living well with Parkinson’s. Furthermore, to John, living well means accepting responsibility for a rigorous regiment of exercise and movement, understanding the day-to-day effects of diet and medication on Parkinson’s and its symptoms, and remaining informed on medical advances.

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