Chuck Brown

Dracut, Massachusetts

Chuck was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s in April 2008 and became an advocate in December 2014. He joined several support groups online and met some wonderful people who referred him to the Parkinson’s Action Network, where he learned early on that diet and exercise were important to keep in check to treat his symptoms. Getting to know an Ambassador at the Parkinson’s Policy Forum while advocating for Parkinson’s led Chuck to apply to be an Ambassador. Chuck is looking to reach more people looking for resources that will allow them to live well with Parkinson’s, as well as provide support to those who care for people with Parkinson’s.

“Without our caregivers, we would be in trouble.”

Living well to Chuck means maintaining a positive attitude and sense of humor. Setting goals every day helps Chuck push himself on days that are more difficult. Making sure to celebrate and acknowledge himself for meeting each goal helps Chuck live well today.

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