Carolyn Rhodes

Huntsville, Alabama

Carolyn’s husband was diagnosed in February 2016. They both became certified Rock Steady Boxing coaches and developed their own program at the local senior center where Carolyn is also the director of fitness. Carolyn has assessed over 200 boxers that have been sent by their neurologists to participate in their program, which hosts eight classes each week.

Carolyn applied for and received a joint grant with the Huntsville Hospital’s Parkinson’s Care Clinic to start the SPEAK OUT and LOUD Crowd program, a free weekly speech class.

For Carolyn, living well with Parkinson’s means becoming a student of Parkinson’s, studying how to be the best at tackling the challenges. She says, “it means staying busy enough so as not to become fixated about having Parkinson’s, but trying to help others who are also on this path.”

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