Alison Nicol Walsh View in Spanish

Tacoma, Washington

I was diagnosed in 2017 when my kids were 13 and 8. I felt so alone. I wanted to become an Ambassador because an Ambassador helped me, and I want to pay it forward. When I showed up for my first support group meeting, I was scared by what I saw. The people were so much older than I, and they were so much further along in their Parkinson’s. I was the only Latina woman and the only one my age. My anxiety took over, and I ran out of there. I immediately called the person who encouraged me to go, and she helped me calm down. A few days later, we met for coffee, and she introduced me to the Davis Phinney Foundation, where I learned to apply the phrase “Every Victory Counts!” to my life. From there, she connected me with a woman with Parkinson’s who spoke Spanish and needed support. Now I facilitate a virtual support group for people with Parkinson’s all over the Americas who speak Spanish. I feel inspired and blessed to help others along this path.

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