Telemedicine appointment

09 Mar: Telemedicine study funded by the Davis Phinney Foundation leads to breakthroughs for people with Parkinson’s

In 2012, long before healthcare had to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Davis Phinney Foundation funded one of the first studies on telemedicine and its impacts on people's health with Parkinson's. Nearly nine years later, its findings and are more relevant than ever. The investigation became a powerful springboard for future research on telemedicine and Parkinson's. The outcomes of the many subsequent studies can help millions of people with Parkinson's live well today and in the future.

28 Nov: How Telemedicine Can Help You Live Well with Parkinson’s

While telemedicine isn’t intended for emergency care (like a broken bone, heart attack, or mental health crisis) or certain procedures (like immunizations or providing samples), it is appropriate and has been found to be quite effective for long-term care, follow-up appointments, issuing prescriptions, and answering simple questions. This makes it a great choice for people with Parkinson’s. Telemedicine eliminates the potential challenges of traveling to an appointment and gives you ready access to your providers when necessary. It also helps you conveniently build and maintain long-term relationships with your care team.