palliative care


22 Feb: [Video] YOPD Council: Death and Dying

Receiving a Parkinson’s diagnosis when you’re young is overwhelming enough as it is. Add the need to exercise daily, attend a variety of medical appointments, and focus on your mental health to an already busy work schedule and it can feel like too much. Plus, if you don’t love your current career path, or you do but the demands exceed your energy and ON time, the possibility of changing careers or shifting roles at your age might feel like a pipe dream. But it’s not.

12 Nov: [Webinar Recording] Holistic and Supportive Care for People Living with Parkinson’s

If you’ve been living with Parkinson’s for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the terms holistic care, supportive care, or palliative care. But you may not know what they mean when it comes to your care, now and in the future. Dr. Christopher Tarolli recently joined us to talk about palliative care and how it is ideal for people living with Parkinson’s.