“SMART” Cycling Computerized Controller

Dr. Angela Ridgel of Kent State University will develop and test SMART (Speed Manipulated Adaptive Rehabilitation Therapy) cycling. Her team will develop a computerized model for use in a SMART controller that can be mounted on the chassis of stationary motorized bike. This controller will use biomechanical data from the rider to automatically adjust bike operation to alter cadence, power, and heart rate during a cycling session and across sessions. Dr. Ridgel and colleagues will also measure the impact of the SMART controller by monitoring motor function and quality of life of people living with Parkinson’s over 12 exercise sessions in 40 participants.

  • Dr. Angela Ridgel, Associate Professor, Exercise Physiology, Kent State University
  • Dr. Kenneth Loparo, Case Western University
  • Dr. Fred Discenzo, Rockwell Automation (retired)
  • Dr. Aasef Shaikh, University Hospitals and Cleveland VA Medical Center
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