Liz was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 at the age of 40. A mom to two young boys with a successful career as a writer and marketer, Liz has found a supportive group through Parkinson’s boxing classes. She’s continually amazed and reminded by those she meets at Parkinson’s boxing classes that no matter your age or stage of Parkinson’s, it’s never too late to start moving and improving how you feel. “It’s important for me to surround myself with others who are optimistic and taking an active role in their treatment,” she says. “The goal of giving my kids a normal childhood has motivated me to take control of things I can manage, like exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.”

“When I got the Every Victory Counts manual, it was like I had just been handed a life preserver,” she explains. “It was the first time I heard that it was possible to live well with Parkinson’s, and while I had no control over having Parkinson’s disease, there were plenty of things I could control! It was full of hope and optimism, and changed my whole outlook on my disease.” Surrounding herself with optimism and actively participating in her own treatment provides Liz with a strong sense of empowerment. Liz’s husband, Dave, is also featured in the Every Victory Counts manual.

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