Parkinson’s Guides

Meet your Every Victory Counts Parkinson’s Guides: 16 individuals who are living with or caring for someone who is living with Parkinson’s. These are real people, just like you, speaking candidly about how they’re living well today with Parkinson’s. They’ll be the first to say that some days are better than others, and they’ve made adjustments over time. Yet, their resolve to maintain a high quality of life and their long-term commitment to proactive self-care remain strong.

By sharing insights and personal experiences, the Parkinson’s Guides add context to the topics covered in the manual. Their stories are a snapshot in time, a glimpse into their lives at one point on a long journey. Chances are, you’ll discover one of the Guides is treading a path similar to your own right now. Click on the photos below to read bios for each of these remarkable people and to watch in-depth video interviews.

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