Community-Based Cycling Class for Slowing Disease Progression

Dr. Anson Rosenfeldt and Dr. Jay Alberts are examining if Pedaling For Parkinson’s  (an existing, low-cost program hosted by YMCAs) can slow Parkinson’s progression. This team is following 50 participants and tracking their motor symptoms, non-motor symptoms, number of classes attended, and quality of life over a 12-month period. This project also aims to identify which individuals respond the most (more slowing of Parkinson’s progression) to this type of exercise. This project builds off Dr. Albert’s earlier work funded by the Davis Phinney Foundation and represents a translation of clinical  research  to everyday life.

  • Dr. Anson Rosenfeldt, PT, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland Clinic
  • Dr. Jay Alberts, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland Clinic
  • Dr. Mandy Koop, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Cleveland Clinic

If you are interested in participating in this study, please reach out directly to Dr. Anson Rosenfledt by email:

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