Davis Phinney

03 Dec: Ask the Parkinson’s Expert – Cognitive and Emotional Benefits of Exercise with Davis Phinney

In this video, Davis Phinney explains how exercise, from yoga to high-intensity cycling, helps boost his mood, activates neuro growth factors, and more. He also shares why it's important to find exercises that are sustainable for you, how household chores can be part of your Parkinson's therapy routine, and how to make exercise a habit. 
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29 Sep: A Timeline of Jay Alberts’ Parkinson’s Research

Dr. Alberts has dedicated 17 years to studying the effects of exercise, primarily forced cycling, on motor and non-motor performance. Each project has inspired the next, and the research continually supports the belief that forced and high-intensity aerobic exercise improves motor function (and more) in people with Parkinson’s.