Sia Urroz

Marketing Manager: Video and Audio Producer

Sia joined the Foundation in March 2023 as its Video and Audio Production Manager. With a rich background in media production and a passion for creating impactful content, Sia brings his unique blend of creativity and expertise to all this work.

Before his career in media production, Sia spent over a decade as a bilingual public-school teacher, inspiring kids to love learning and fostering educational equity. His dedication to empowering others through storytelling and his unwavering commitment to educational diversity have left an indelible mark on his journey.

Sia’s portfolio includes many projects, from producing podcasts to crafting commercials, music videos, and documentaries. His video and audio production skills, honed through his Certificate in Radio & TV Production from Colorado Media School, bring a fresh perspective to our marketing efforts.

Academically, Sia holds a double major in English and music from Earlham College, where his passion for creative expression and his ability to connect with diverse audiences flourished. He later obtained his teaching certificate from Western State in Gunnison and a Master’s in educational equity and classroom diversity from CU Boulder, fueling his commitment to inclusivity and societal progress.

When he’s not shaping stories behind the scenes, Sia loves hiking, playing tennis, listening to music, and playing with his two cats, Stellaluna and Haku.

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