Sara Linn

Community Leadership Programs Manager

Sara joined the Davis Phinney Foundation as its Ambassador Leadership Program Manager in 2019. Born and raised in Colorado, Sara’s deep connection to her community fuels her passion for creating positive change and fostering inclusivity. Her unwavering commitment to those she serves revolves around increasing access to valuable information, tools, and resources for individuals residing in the communities that shaped her own journey.

Sara believes in empowering individuals AND improving the systems that support their communities, ensuring a sustainable and impactful approach to change. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate spirit to her role, and her greatest inspiration lies in connecting individuals in need with the support of other like-minded souls, facilitating the human connections that forge a sense of belonging and community.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sara loves spending time with loved ones, exploring the Colorado mountains, eating and judging every pizza known to man, and watching Marvel movies.

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