Peter Schmidt, PhD


Peter Schmidt, Ph.D., is the Senior Vice President, Government Partnerships of Rho’s Federal Systems Division. From 2009 through April 2018, Dr. Schmidt served as Senior Vice President and Chief Research and Clinical Officer at the Parkinson’s Foundation where he oversaw research, education, and outreach initiatives. Through his tenure at the Parkinson’s Foundation, Dr. Schmidt served as PI for the Parkinson’s Outcomes Project (POP) from launch through the 10,000th subject recruited, the largest clinical study ever in Parkinson’s conducted at 30 academic medical centers. The Parkinson’s Outcomes Project was designed to identify best practices in Parkinson’s care but served as a platform for many other studies.

Dr. Schmidt is active in research, specializing in the intersection between mathematics and medicine, with a special interest in mapping the n-dimensional spaces of clinical data. Schmidt serves as an advisor to several government, industry, and foundation initiatives. He has been involved in several national-scale quality initiatives including with the US National Quality Forum and the Fresco Network in Italy. Schmidt has recent or current advisory engagements in wearable sensors, telemedicine, remote monitoring, and clinical trial design. He has contributed to AHRQ and Commonwealth Fund publications and has been an invited speaker for NIH and diverse international patient and professional conferences. Schmidt previously worked in corporate finance-focused on healthcare innovation, created chronic disease management systems, and served as Chief Operating Officer of a joint venture of Oxford, Stanford, and Yale delivering online education. Educated at Harvard and Cornell, he had a fellowship at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery.

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