Patty Manwaring

Database Administrator

Patty joined the Foundation in 2016 as our database administrator. With a profound passion for work that engages both the mind and heart, Patty has focused her career on developing impactful programs for local and international NGOs. Hailing from New York City, raised in Vermont, and living for a time in Boulder, Patty is pulled to wherever her family is.

As Patty plays a behind-the-scenes role, her impact is far-reaching. Utilizing her exceptional project management, problem-solving, and analytical skills, she orchestrates all data management within the Foundation. This critical function allows the team to provide the Parkinson’s community with exceptional education, resources, and opportunities to connect quickly and easily. In Patty’s hands, the database becomes a window into the deep engagement and interactions between individuals and the Foundation. This fuels Patty’s sense of purpose and inspires her to continually seek innovative approaches to serve the Parkinson’s community.

When Patty’s not solving all the data puzzles we throw at her, you’ll find her designing jewelry, exploring the great outdoors, listening to podcasts, and amassing an obscene collection of Sharpie pens.

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